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“You can’t write novels without a touch of paranoia. I’m paranoid as an act of good citizenship, concerned about what the powerful people are up to.”

—Kurt Vonnegut to Israel Shenker. The New York Times. March 21, 1969.

A Selection of My Writings

What Am I Working on Right Now?

  • I'm currently working on a novel manuscript and a one-hour television pilot. Both are historical fiction pieces.

    • The novel takes place in World War II era Germany and centers around two dissident families grappling with the rise of the Third Reich. I recently workshopped an early draft of it at Bread Loaf Writers' Conference.

    • The pilot is the product of extensive historical research into 1980s era Miami. It takes place in 1980 and centers around a Cuban refugee who arrives to Miami just as the Arthur McDuffie Riots begin. 

  • I'm also doing freelance writing, editing. and research on a variety of projects. Feel free to reach out to me for a quote!

Recent Updates

  • One of the most prestigious awards offered to graduating seniors at Cornell, Merrill Presidential Scholars "represent the highest standards of excellence in their class" and are selected on the basis of "outstanding scholastic achievement, strong leadership ability, and demonstrated potential for contributing to society."

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